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Jeremy Giambi’s Cause of Death Confirmed

Jeremy Giambi’s Cause of Death Confirmed –  The former Major League Baseball player Jeremy Giambi’s death cause has been determined.

Two days after the news of Giambi had passed away came out on Wednesday in Los Angeles County, the Medical Examiner and Coroner’s office has declared Giambi’s death as suicide.

Giambi He was recognized for his work as an outfielder for the Oakland Athletics, was 47. Alongside his stint playing for Oakland Athletics Oakland A’s, he had also played for the Philadelphia Phillies, the Kansas City Royals and the Boston Red Sox, where Giambi played his final season in the major leagues in 2003.

In the wake of Giambi’s death, many present and former MLB players offered their condolences and prayers to family members of the Giambi family.

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Alex Rodriguez wrote on Twitter, “Heartbroken to hear the news of the passing of Jeremy Giambi. Giambi was the best player at the plate. He was just 47 years old, and gone too quickly. I am thinking of his loved ones and his friends. RIP.”

jeremy giambi death

The Oakland A’s issued a statement on its official Twitter page: “We are heartbroken to hear of the loss of one from the Green and Gold family, Jeremy Giambi. We send our condolences for Jeanne, Jason, and his family and family.”

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The Philadelphia Phillies, for whom Giambi played in 2002, released an official statement through Twitter “The Phillies are saddened to learn of the tragic death of Jeremy Giambi. Our condolences go to his family members during this difficult moment.”


Giambi was a part of a career total of 510 games in the MLB with 22 homers and 209 RBI, and an .263 per-inning batting average as per Baseball-Reference.

Jason, and his younger sister, Jason was also depicted in the film Moneyball.

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