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Kanye West leaks texts to Kim Kardashian’s lover Pete Davidson and vows he will never get to meet his kids

Kanye West leaks texts

KANYE West leaked alleged private messages from the boyfriend of Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson as he continues to fight with comedian on the internet.

The 44-year-old rapper was adamant about his ex’s new lover and promised to never let him see his or Kim’s children.

Kanye West’s ongoing rant against his adversaries began on Sunday with a series of posts targeted toward Pete.

In one of his latest uploads, he posted photos that showed Machine Gun Kelly and Pete enjoying a night out, both wearing their underwear and tying their pants tucked around their ankles. They were joking around in the living room.

MGK stood up and poured popcorn from an empty bowl. The comedian was sitting on the couch, trying to get it all into his mouth.

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The next slide of the page was an alleged text message Kim Kardashian was sent by Kim’s lover.

The message said: “…You as a man, I’ll never stand in the ways of the children you have. It’s an assurance.

“How you go about] raising your children is your business but not mine.

“I do [hope one day] I can meet them and we [can] all be friends.”

After reading some of the comments, asking if somebody was able to hack Kanye’s account, or accessed his cellphone, the rap star posted selfies on his Instagram feed to dispel any doubts.


He pulled out a piece of yellow legal paper which stated: “My account is not hacked,” and after that, he wrote: “2-13-22.”

Kanye shared the identical photo two times more, but the two other times, he had his head covered in a black hood.


In the early hours of the morning, Kanye blasted Pete as an “d**khead” while posting photos with Pete and Kim on a date. Saturday Night Live star and Kim going on a date.

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Alongside the photo The father who is a father of four also wrote “LOOK at this d**khead!.


The line that ended the conversation could have been referring to an improbable joke in the past that Pete and Hillary were in a relationship after being spotted meeting in the street.

The image Kanye shared, that was cut off at the top of both heads of them, is the result of her girlfriend’s dinner datewith her new boyfriend in the month of June.

They were caught on the PDA on the course of a private date in one L.A. restaurant.


After his first Sunday morning tweet against Pete, Kanye followed it up with other posts

He shared a photo of some fans congratulating his efforts and backing him but many other fans not visible in the screenshot were acting in the opposite direction.

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Ye added in his caption “THANK YOU TO ALL MY FANS FOR HAVING MY BACK.”

In a follow-up to his comments in his earlier post, he stated: “You can search Google for the HILLARY THING, I’m not making this up.”

He attempted to prove his point by posting the old Instagram post by Pete some time ago which included a photo of the Hillary tattoo.

The comedian had captioned the image with ink that he was wearing at the time: “Wanted to get @hillaryclinton an present for Christmas so I decided to get an image of my favorite character.

“Thanks for being such a bada** and one of the strongest people in the universe.”

Kanye West’s most recent Instagram postings come in the wake of his public rift with numerous celebrities which include Pete, Billie Eilish as well as Kid Cudi.

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