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‘Traumatised’ witnesses targeted as outrage grows over fatal Sydney shark attack video

People who witnessed the fatal attack on Sydney’s shark likely suffered trauma and shouldn’t be judged by they responded immediately to the incident was, local experts say.

Video footage from the aftermath of the tragedy at Little Bay quickly began being circulated on Wednesday afternoon, triggering an outrage over the grisly footage and the reactions of witnesses.

“The victim’s family and friends should be foremost in our minds,” said Bond University Associate Professor of Environmental Science Dr Daryl McPhee who is a specialist in the study of interactions between humans and sharks.

‘Traumatised’ witnesses targeted as outrage grows over fatal Sydney shark attack video

“We should allow the authorities to get on with their investigation.

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“I’d also urge news and social media outlets to take down videos of the attack and its immediate aftermath.”

It’s believed that half of a wetsuit as well as human remains in part were removed from the sea at around 6pm on Wednesday , near Buchan Point.

The suspect – believed to be a male is not yet officially identified.

Uncertainty about the reactions of the witnesses at the scene has been published by news organizations as well as on social media platforms that Dr. McPhee insists must stop. has decided not to join in the same vision.

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“Scapegoating of witnesses on the scene has to be stopped. They too are traumatized by what they saw.

He was referring specifically to comments made about the apparent lack of remorse by those who were watching, as well as those who were reacting in media interviews immediately following the tragic incident.

NSW Ambulance inspector Lucky Phrachnanh confirmed that The swimmer “suffered catastrophic injuries and there was nothing paramedics could do”. The remains of a human were discovered in the swimming pool.

Although many want to learn more about the events at Buchan Point, Dr. McPhee states that this is not the best time to investigate.

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“There is a time to begin discussion of what other mitigation measures might or might not be required to be in the first place, but that time is not right now. 

The hunt for human remains was resumed on Thursday. Drones were monitoring from the skies as well as lifesavers on jetskis, and on the sand, officers in the waters and PolAir were also on patrol.

Agriculture Minister Dugald Saunders stated that Primary Industries would work with other authorities to determine whether the killer shark or others were within the area.

Popular beaches in the region are now closed. smart drumlines are monitored with drone technology as well as their SharkSmart app.

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